Documents issued in connection with the 66th session of the Finance Committee of UNIDROIT
(Rome, 30 September 2009)



Report (F.C. (66) 6)




*         *


1. Agenda (F.C. (66) 1)



2. Appointment of the Chairman of the Finance Committee



3. Final modifications to the Budget and Accounts for the 2008 financial year (F.C. (66) 2)



4. Adjustments to the Budget for the 2009 financial year (F.C. (66) 3)



5. Arrears in contributions of member States (F.C. (66) 4)


6. Draft Budget 2010 and fixing of the contributions of member States for that financial year (F.C. (66) 5 rev.)



7. Inactive member States



8. Any other business


Document d’information sur les contributions extra-budgétaires reçues au cours de l’année 2009 et sur leur utilisation pour les projets de l’Institut (F.C. (66) INF.)





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