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Documents issued in connection with the
76th session of the General Assembly of UNIDROIT

(Rome, 7 December 2017) 



1. Adoption of the agenda (A.G. (76) 1)


2. Statement regarding the Organisation’s activity in 2017 (A.G. (76) 2)


3. Final modifications to the Budget and approval of the Accounts for the 2016 financial year
    (A.G. (76) 3)


4. Adjustments to the Budget for the 2017 financial year (A.G. (76) 4)


5. Arrears in contributions of member States (A.G. (76) 5)


6. Classification of member States in the UNIDROIT Contributions Chart (A.G. (76) 6)


7. Review of the compensation and social security package offered to UNIDROIT staff (A.G. (76) 7)


8. Approval of the draft Budget for 2018 and fixing of the contributions of member States
    for that financial year (A.G. (76) 8)


9. Any other business





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