Documents issued in connection with the 87th session of the Governing Council of UNIDROIT
(Rome, 21-23 April 2008)



   Summary of the Conclusions                                                      Report (C.D. (87) 23)




*          *


1. Agenda (C.D. (87) 1 rev.)



2. Annual Report 2007 (C.D. (87) 2)



3. Appointment of the First and Second Vice-Presidents of the Governing Council (C.D. (87) 3)


4. Report of the Sub-Committee for the selection of a successor to the Secretary-General and appointment of the new Secretary-General (C.D. (87) 4)



5. Matters regarding the position of one of the Deputy Secretaries-General (C.D. (87) 5)



6. Implementation of the Strategic Plan (C.D. (87) 6)



7. Preparation of the draft budget for the 2009 financial year (C.D. (87) 7)



8. International Interests in Mobile Equipment


(a) Implementation and status of the Cape Town Convention, Aircraft Protocol and Luxembourg Protocol to the Cape Town Convention on Matters specific to Railway Rolling Stock (C.D. (87) 8 (a))


(b) Preliminary draft Protocol on Matters specific to Space Assets (C.D. (87) 8 (b))


(c) Preparation of an additional Protocol on Matters specific to agricultural, mining and construction equipment: see item 12



9. Transactions on transnational and connected capital markets 


(a) Draft Convention on substantive rules regarding intermediated securities (C.D. (87) 9 (a))


(b) Principles and rules capable of enhancing trading in securities on emerging markets: see item 12



10. Principles of International Commercial Contracts (C.D. (87) 10)



11. Model law on leasing (C.D. (87) 11 and C.D. (87) 11 Add)



12. Triennial Work Programme of the Organisation (2009-2011) (C.D. (87) 12)



13. Report on the work of the ad hoc Committee on the Regulations regarding the Organisation of the Institute – Financial Administration – Staff, consultations with the staff, and recommendations submitted by the ad hoc Committee and the Secretariat: 


(a) Parts I and II - Organisation of the Institute – Financial Administration (C.D. (87) 13 (a))


(b) Part III – Staff (C.D. (87) 13 (b))



14. Implementation and promotion of UNIDROIT instruments other than Cape Town instruments


(a) Additional Protocol to the CMR (C.D. (87) 14 (a))


(b) Other instruments (C.D. (87) 14 (b))



15. Legal co-operation programme (C.D. (87) 1)



16. Situation of the Library (C.D. (87) 16)



17. Uniform Law Review/Revue de droit uniforme and other publications (C.D. (87) 17)



18. Report on the situation regarding correspondents (C.D. (87) 18)



19. Proposals for the appointment of correspondents (C.D. (87) 19)



20. The UNIDROIT Web Site and Depository Libraries for UNIDROIT documentation (C.D. (87) 20)



21. The Uniform Law Data Base (C.D. (87) 21)



22. Date and venue of the 88th session of the Governing Council (C.D. (87) 22)



23. Any other business.



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