Participation in the CoP is open to individual members with an interest in the area and to institutional members: international and national organisations working in the field of development, legal harmonization and agriculture, as well as private and public sector groups representing agricultural producers and/or buyers, and legal academic and research institutions.


Membership is granted on the basis of an expression of interest and proven participation in the advancement of the objectives of the CoP.


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-     Brazil


- Project Member: Expert Academic Team


-     China (PR)


- Project Member: Philip Peng, DeHeng Law Offices



-     Colombia


- Project Member: Fundación Universidad Externado de Colombia





Intergovernmental organisations


-     UNIDROIT  - Contract Farming Webpage - Promoting legal research on Contract Farming

-     FAO -   FAO/IFAD -- implementation of the Legal Guide on Contract Farming

-     IFADFAO/IFAD -- implementation of the Legal Guide on Contract Farming


-    World Bank Group - Enabling the Business of Agriculture


-    International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) - Implementing the Legal Guide
     through the Development of Contract Templates






-     LUISS School of Law - LL.M. in Food Law



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