On 26 October 2017, UNIDROIT was invited to speak in a Seminar hosted by Swedish Law Firm Hamilton in Stockholm, focussing on the key economic and strategic advantages of the Luxembourg Protocol to the Cape Town Convention for the Swedish Rail Industry. The event, which saw the participation of members of the local rail industry and relevant stakeholders, opened with words of welcome from UNIDROIT President Professor Alberto Mazzoni,  an introduction by Mr PG Ekbom (Partner, Hamilton Advokatbyrå and Joint Chair of the Nordic  Contact Group of the RWG), followed by a presentation on the Cape Town Convention and its Protocols provided by UNIDROIT Secretary-General a.i. Professor Anna Veneziano, and an Overview and Current Status of the Rail Protocol presented by Mr Howard Rosen (Chairman of the Rail Working Group). The Seminar then went on to illustrate the practical benefits of the Rail Protocol, with presentations of Mr Rosen and Mr Björn Westerberg (CEO of the Swedish Train Operators’ Association), the Operation of the International Registry (provided by Ms Elizabeth Hirst, Registrar-designate, Regulis SA), the changes the Protocol would bring about in the matters of Creditor repossession on default and insolvency (by Professor Göran Millqvist of the Stockholm Center for Commercial Law), and the Ratification process in Sweden (Ms Louise Petrelius, Legal Adviser of the Division for IP and Transport Law in the Swedish Ministry of Justice).


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Professor Alberto Mazzoni (President, UNIDROIT)
delivering his opening remarks
  Mr Howard Rosen (Chairman, Rail Working Group)
delivering his presentation