From 3-4 March Legal Officer William Brydie-Watson represented the UNIDROIT Secretariat at an APEC Workshop organised under the Strengthening Economic and Legal Infrastructure (SELI) group of the APEC Economic Committee. UNIDROIT attended as a Guest Organisation of APEC, a status granted to UNIDROIT in 2017 following its participation at other SELI Workshops in 2016 (Peru) and 2017 (Viet Nam). The UNIDROIT Secretariat made two presentations at the Workshop, one on International Instruments that facilitate the use of modern technology for contract management and another on International Instruments for dispute resolution and prevention. The Secretariat also attended the SELI Friends of the Chair (FoTC) meeting on Sunday afternoon 4 March. The forum discusses past Workshops organised under the auspices of SELI as well as future initiatives.


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 Shot of the seated audience    Shot of the podium   Mr William Brydie-Watson,
UNIDROIT Legal Officer