On 25 October 2018, the Faculty of Law of Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso - PUCV, Chile, hosted an International Colloquium on "El contrato agrícola: experiencias y desarrollos en el derecho latinoamericano y uniforme", with an opening lecture by Ms Frederique Mestre, Senior Legal Officer, Unidroit, on "Hacia un modelo de regulación de la agricultura por contrato: La tarea de Unidroit"; Panel 1 on "Agricultura por Contratos en Latinoamérica: Argentina y Brasil", moderated by Prof. Rodrigo Momberg Uribe with presentations by Prof. Maria Adriana Victoria, Prof. Nancy L. Malanos, Dr. Nunziata Valenza Paiva, Prof. Iacyr de Aguilar Vieira and Prof. Kassia Watanabe; Panel 2 on "El contrato agrícola en Chile. Un desafío pendiente" moderated by Prof. Nancy L. Malanos with presentations by Prof. Alvaro Vidal Olivares, Prof. Rodrigo Momberg Uribe, Prof. Jaime Alcalde, Dr. Matias Araya and Dr Sebastián Norris.


The Colloquium concluded with the launch of the book of the (reprint) Spanish version of the Legal Guide on Contract Farming UNIDROIT/FAO/IFAD, published by "Derecho PUCV".


-> Click here for the programme

-> Click here for more information on the Legal Guide


contract farming valparaiso pict01      contract farming valparaiso pict02      contract farming valparaiso pict03 
From left to right : Dr Nunziata Valenza
Paiva, Prof. Rodrigo Momberg Uribe,
Prof. Iacyr de Aguilar Vieira
and Prof. Kassia Watanabe
  Prof. Alvaro Vidal Olivares (PUCV) and
Ms Frederique Mestre (UNIDROIT)
Universitaria de
Valparaiso, 2018


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