hcbm pict03 On 12 and 13 November 2018, UNIDROIT hosted an event on the Human-Centred Business Model organised in collaboration with the OECD Development Centre and the University of Florence,



comprising a public event (12 November, morning) and two Workshops (12 November, afternoon and 13 November, morning).


The public event and the two workshops were attended by a broad and diversified group of experts and practitioners who made substantial contributions to the review of three Research Papers on the Guiding Principles and Corporate Governance of the Project.


The papers, presentations and other key documents are available on the UNIDROIT website to all the attendees and to those who were unable to attend or watch the live streaming of the event.


The panelists included Prof. Ignacio Tirado (Secretary-General, UNIDROIT), Senator Mauro Del Barba, Mr Marco Nicoli (OECD DEV); Prof. Andrea Zorzi (University of Florence); Ms Margherita Bianchini (ASSONIME); Prof. Juli Ponce Sole and Prof. Marta Ortega Gomez (University of Barcelona); Prof. Isabella Bunn (Oxford University); Prof. Thomas McInerney (Loyola University); Prof. Martin Petrin (UCL); and Prof. Paolo Montalenti (University of Turin). 


An updated version of the papers will be posted on the website once the input included.


-> Presentations and documents   

-> List of participants


hcbm pict01      hcbm pict04
Opening session - from left to right:
Senator M. Del Barba,
Prof. I. Tirado and Mr. M. Nicoli
  Panel - from left to right: Prof. M. Ortega,
Prof. J. Ponce, Prof. T. McInerney,
Prof. A. Zorzi, Prof. I. Bunn and Ms. M. Bianchini


News archive bt 


Governing Council
99th session (A)
(Remote session April/May 2020)


Factoring Model Law Working
Group  - 1st session
(Remote session, 1-3 July 2020)


6th Workshop for the Economic Assessment of International Commercial Law Reform Project
(Postponed to 8 September 2020, Cambridge, UK)


4th Workshop for the project on Best Practices in the Field of Electronic Registry Design and Operation
(Postponed to 9 September 2020, Cambridge, UK)


9th Annual Cape Town Convention Academic Conference
(10-11 September 2020, Cambridge, UK)




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