otif rail berne img01On 16 July 2019, Deputy Secretary-General Anna Veneziano participated in a meeting in Berne hosted by the Secretary General of the Intergovernmental Organisation for International Carriage by Rail (OTIF), Mr Wolfgang K├╝pper, with participation of the Chair of the Rail Working Group Mr Howard Rosen and the Co-Chair of Preparatory Commission Mr Peter Bloch.





The meeting was also attended by Lunesterline Andriamahatahitry (Head of Administration and Finance Department) and Mr Bas Leermakers (Head of Technical Interoperability Department) of OTIF. In light of the recent momentum surrounding the Luxembourg Rail Protocol, the very specific aim of the meeting was to prepare the future developments that will result from the fourth ratification, which may be imminent and would be a condition for the entry into force of the Protocol. Once the Protocol enters into force,  OTIF  will act  as  the  Secretariat  of  the  Supervisory Authority. The meeting was followed by a meeting of the Ratification Task Force, which took stock of the current status of the ratification processes in various interested States.