img01On 26 April 2021, Deputy Secretary-General Professor Anna Veneziano participated in an online seminar hosted by the University of Trento under the EU-FLAG (Food Law And Globalization) Jean Monnet module, which aims at developing a better understanding of European food law and how it interacts with the dynamics characterizing international markets, exploring the dialogic relationship existing between the rules of the agri-food sector and globalization.




Moderated by Professor Matteo Ferrari, the seminar also featured presentations by Professors Paola Iamiceli and Luisa Antonioli of the University of Trento, and provided a presentation and a discussion on Contract Farming and the Legal Guide jointly drafted by UNIDROIT, FAO and IFAD and published in 2015.


Contract farming represents a set of practices and arrangements employed to coordinate agricultural production and trade and increasingly used worldwide. The goal of the Guide is to provide both an analysis of the legal issues characterizing contract farming and guidance on the common contract terms that are employed in this context.


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