img01On 6 May 2021, UNIDROIT participated in the third meeting of the Group of Experts established by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) for the Permanent Identification of Railway Rolling Stock (PIRRS).




The Group of Experts was established upon recommendation of the Inland Transport Committee’s Working Party on Rail Transport (SC.2). Its aim is to develop standards and recommendations for the practical implementation of the Unique Rail Vehicle Identification System (URVIS) in the Luxembourg Rail Protocol to the Cape Town Convention, which should conform with current industry practice and anticipate technological and other advances in the future.


The meeting was attended by UNIDROIT Deputy Secretary General Professor Anna Veneziano and featured, among other, discussions on best practices in, and national requirements for rolling stock marking; use cases and the placing of the URVIS number on rolling stock; Technological aspects; identification evaluation and selection of possible solutions; and the development of recommendations and standards.


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