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The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan declares that the Aircraft Protocol is to apply to all its territorial units. 





4. With respect to Article XIX:

the National Aircraft Registry (Registro Nacional de Aeronaves) shall be the authorized entry point from which there shall be transmitted - and in the case of aircraft engines may be transmitted -, to the International Registry, all information required for registration other than registration of a notice of a national interest or a right or interest under Article 40, in either case arising under the laws of another State in respect of aircraft, engines and helicopters in accordance with the definition of Article II of the Protocol, registered in the Argentine Republic.


* The original version of this declaration was submitted in Spanish.
   This version of the declaration is a translation prepared by the UNIDROIT Secretariat.





The People’s Republic of Bangladesh declares that the Aircraft Protocol shall apply to whole of Bangladesh including its maritime boundaries. 





Le gouvernement du Canada déclare, en vertu de l'article XXIX du Protocole, que le Protocole s'applique aux provinces et territoires suivants: l'Alberta, la Colombie-Britannique, le Manitoba, la Nouvelle-Écosse, le Nunavut, l'Ontario, le Québec, la Saskatchewan, Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador et les Territoires du Nord-Ouest.


A compter du 1er octobre 2014, en vertu d’une déclaration subséquente, le gouvernement du Canada étend l’application du Protocole également à l’Ile-du-Prince-Edouard et au Yukon.


A compter du 1er juillet 2016, en vertu d’une déclaration subséquente, le gouvernement du Canada étend l’application du Protocole également au Nouveau-Brunswick.





11. Unless otherwise notified by the Government of the PRC, the Convention and the Protocol shall not apply to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the Macao Special Administrative Region. 



Côte d’Ivoire


General declaration under Article XXX(3)


The Republic of Côte d’Ivoire declares that it will apply Article XI, Alternative A, in its entirety to all types of insolvency proceeding and that the “waiting period” for the purposes of Article XI(3), Alternative A shall be 60 calendar days.


[This declaration was notified on 12 June 2019 to UNIDROIT by the Government of the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire as subsequent declaration pursuant to Article XXXIII(1) of the Aircraft Protocol, and in accordance with Article XXXIII(2) of the Aircraft Protocol, this subsequent declaration will take effect on 1 January 2020.]





Pursuant to Article XXIX of the Aircraft Protocol the Kingdom of Denmark declares that until further decision, the Protocol will not apply to the Faroe Islands and Greenland.




(vi) Form No. 34 (General declaration under Article XXIX) 


Myanmar declares that the Aircraft Protocol is to apply to all its territorial units. 





Pursuant to Article XXIX of the Protocol, the Kingdom of the Netherlands declares that the Protocol is to apply to the following territorial units: the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba. 



New Zealand 


New Zealand declares, under Article XXIX, that, consistent with the constitutional status of Tokelau and taking into account the commitment of the Government of New Zealand to the development of self-government for Tokelau through an act of self-determination under the Charter of the United Nations, this accession shall not extend to Tokelau unless and until a Declaration to this effect is lodged by the Government of New Zealand with the Depositary on the basis of appropriate consultation with that territory. 





The Sultanate of Oman declares that the Aircraft Protocol is to apply to all its territorial units. 





Pakistan declares that the Aircraft Protocol is to apply to all its territorial units.





The Republic of Rwanda declares that the Aircraft Protocol is to apply to all its territorial units.





(vi) Formulaire N° 34 (Déclaration générale en vertu de l’article XXIX)


La République du Sénégal déclare que le Protocole aéronautique s’applique à toutes ses unités territoriales. 



Spain: [Official translation; original version submitted in Spanish


Declaration pursuant to Article XXIX of the Protocol


In the event that this Protocol to the Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment on Matters specific to Aircraft Equipment were to be applied to Gibraltar, Spain wishes to make the following declaration:  


1. Gibraltar is a non-autonomous territory for the international relations of which the United Kingdom is responsible and which is subject to a decolonisation process in accordance with the relevant decisions and resolutions of the General Assembly of the United Nations. 


2. The authorities of Gibraltar are of a local nature and exercise exclusively internal competences which have their origin and their foundation in the distribution and attribution of competences performed by the United Kingdom, in compliance with its internal legislation, in its capacity as sovereign State on which the mentioned non-autonomous territory depends. 


3. As a result, should the Gibraltarian authorities participate in the application of this Protocol it will be understood as effected exclusively within the scope of the internal competences of Gibraltar, and it cannot be considered to produce any change whatsoever in relation with what was established in the two preceding paragraphs. 


4. The procedure established by the regime relating to Gibraltar authorities in the context of certain international treaties agreed upon by the Kingdom of Spain and the United Kingdom on 19 December 2007 is applicable to this agreement. 


5. The application to Gibraltar of the present Protocol cannot be interpreted as recognition of any rights or situations involving matters not included in Article 10 of the Treaty of Utrecht of 13 July 1713, signed by the crowns of Spain and Great Britain. 



United Arab Emirates


Form No. 34 (General declaration under Article XXIX)


The United Arab Emirates declares that the Aircraft Protocol is to apply to all its territorial units. 



United Kingdom


Pursuant to Article XXIX of the Protocol, the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland declares that the United Kingdom’s Ratification of the Protocol shall be extended to the territories of the Island of Guernsey, the Cayman Islands and Gibraltar for whose international relations the United Kingdom is responsible.






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