UNIDROIT Work Programme for the triennial period 2020 - 2022

(adopted by the UNIDROIT General Assembly at its 78th session – 12 December 2019)




A. Legislative activities



1. Secured transactions


(a) Implementation of Rail and Space Protocols ***

(b) Implementation of the MAC Protocol ***

(c) Preparation of other Protocols to the Cape Town Convention

(i) Ships and maritime transport equipment *

(ii) Renewable energy equipment *



2. Private law and agricultural development


(a) Preparation of an international guidance document on agricultural land
      investment contracts ***

(b) Legal structure of agricultural enterprises **
     [priority to be confirmed at 99th session of the Governing Council (6-8 May 2020)]



3. Transnational principles of civil procedure


(a) Formulation of regional rules ***

(b) Principles of effective enforcement **
     [priority to be confirmed at 99th session of the Governing Council (6-8 May 2020)]

(c) International Civil Procedure in Latin America*



4. International Sales Law


Preparation of a guidance document on existing texts in the area of
international sales law in cooperation with UNCITRAL and the Hague
Conference on Private International Law ***



5. International Commercial Contracts


Formulation of principles of reinsurance contracts *



6. Cultural Property


Private art collections*



7. Leasing and Factoring

(a) Model Law on Factoring ***

(b) Guide for enactment of the Unidroit Model Law on Leasing*



8. Insolvency Law


The harmonisation of national insolvency laws for the liquidation of banks and rules of cooperation and coordination in cross border cases **
[priority to be confirmed at 99th session of the Governing Council (6-8 May 2020)]



9. Law and Technology


Artificial Intelligence/Smart Contracts/Distributed Ledger Technology**
[priority to be confirmed at 99th session of the Governing Council (6-8 May 2020)]




B. Implementation and promotion of UNIDROIT instruments



1.  Depositary functions ***



2.  Promotion of UNIDROIT instruments ***

(a) UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts

(b) UNIDROIT/FAO/IFAD Legal Guide on Contract Farming

(c) UNIDROIT Convention on Stolen or Illegally Exported Cultural Objects and
     UNESCO-UNIDROIT Model Provisions on State ownership of undiscovered
     cultural objects


(d) UNIDROIT instruments on capital markets




C.  Non-legislative activities



1. UNIDROIT Library and Depository Libraries ***


2. Publications ***


3. Internships and scholarships ***






The level of priority assigned to the projects is as follows : high *** – medium ** – low *.







Archive Act bt 


6ème Atelier sur l’évaluation économique du projet de réforme du droit commercial international

(8 septembre 2020, Rome)


4ème Atelier sur le projet relatif aux meilleures pratiques dans le domaine de la conception et du fonctionnement du registre électronique
(9 septembre 2020, Rome)


9th Annual Cape Town Convention Academic Conference
(10-11 septembre 2020, Rome)




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