UNIDROIT Work Programme for the triennial period 2020 - 2022

(adopted by the UNIDROIT General Assembly at its 78th session – 12 December 2019)




A. Legislative activities



1. Secured transactions


(a) Implementation of Rail and Space Protocols ***

(b) Implementation of the MAC Protocol ***

(c) Preparation of other Protocols to the Cape Town Convention

(i) Ships and maritime transport equipment *

(ii) Renewable energy equipment *

(d) Model Law on Warehouse Receipts ***



2. Private law and agricultural development


(a) Preparation of an international guidance document on agricultural land
      investment contracts ***

(b) Legal structure of agricultural enterprises **



3. Transnational principles of civil procedure


(a) Formulation of regional rules ***

(b) Best Practices for Effective Enforcement ***

(c) International Civil Procedure in Latin America*



4. International Sales Law


Preparation of a guidance document on existing texts in the area of
international sales law in cooperation with UNCITRAL and the Hague
Conference on Private International Law ***



5. International Commercial Contracts


Formulation of principles of reinsurance contracts *



6. Cultural Property


Private art collections*



7. Leasing and Factoring

(a) Model Law on Factoring ***

(b) Guide for enactment of the Unidroit Model Law on Leasing*



8. Insolvency Law


The harmonisation of national insolvency laws for the liquidation of banks and rules of cooperation and coordination in cross border cases **



9. Digital Assets and Private Law ***


Artificial Intelligence/Smart Contracts/Distributed Ledger Technology**




B. Implementation and promotion of UNIDROIT instruments



1.  Depositary functions ***



2.  Promotion of UNIDROIT instruments ***

(a) UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts

(b) UNIDROIT/FAO/IFAD Legal Guide on Contract Farming

(c) UNIDROIT Convention on Stolen or Illegally Exported Cultural Objects and
     UNESCO-UNIDROIT Model Provisions on State ownership of undiscovered
     cultural objects


(d) UNIDROIT instruments on capital markets




C.  Non-legislative activities



1. UNIDROIT Library and Depository Libraries ***


2. Publications ***


3. Internships and scholarships ***






The level of priority assigned to the projects is as follows : high *** – medium ** – low *.







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