NS Vol. 21 2016

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NS Vol. 20 2015

- Issue 1
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NS Vol. 19 2014

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NS Vol. 18 2013

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NS Vol. 17 2012

NS Vol. 17 2012-3

Focus: Multilingualism in Financial Markets Governance: The Role of Language in the Process of International Regulatory Convergence (Contributors / Collaborateurs: A. Monti, G.G. Castellano, S. V. Bazinas, L.M. Franciosi, A. Gambaro, M. Graziadei)

NS Vol. 17 2012-1/2

Focus: Acts of the Colloquium on “Promoting Investment in Agriculture: Private Law Aspects” / Actes du colloque sur “la promotion de l’investissement pour la production agricole: aspects de droit privé”(Contributors / Collaborateurs: A.-M. Leroy / J. Lindsay, A. Massart, D. Nourissat, L. Verstappen / J. Zevenbergen, F. Collart Dutilleul, A.F. Camilo de Lima, C. Nicholas, G. Myers, H. Mann, M.J. Bonell, R.S.S.J. Martha, D. Tricot, A.M. Cosialls Ubach, J. Arrambide Montemayor, H. Henrÿ, Z. Lerman, A. Iannarelli, C. Pultrone, A.T. Melese, G.J.J.M. van Empel, E. Galishin, M. R. Mustafa, G.E. Onumah, H.D. Gabriel, M. Sultanov, M.J. Stanford)


NS Vol. 16 2011

NS Vol. 16 2011-3

Focus: The UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts 2010 /Les Principes d'UNIDROIT relatifs aux contrats du commerce international 2010(Contributors /Collaborateurs: M.J. Bonell, E. Brödermann, B. Fauvarque-Cosson, E. Finazzi Agrò, M. Fontaine, L. Gama Jr., A.S. Komarov, S. Lake, T. Uchida, R. Zimmermann)

NS Vol. 16 2011-1/2

Focus: The Law of Securities Trading in Emerging Markets(cont'd)/Le droit des transactions portant sur les titres et les marchés émergents(suite)(Contributor /Collaborateur: Hideki Kanda)

Focus: Financial Leasing and its Unification by UNIDROIT /Le crédit-bail financier et son unification par UNIDROIT(Contributors /Collaborateurs: H. Kronke, B. Kohl, D.L. MacPherson, C. Walsh, S. HAN / W. WANG, T. Josipovic, B. François, I. Voulgaris, A. Frignani / M. Torsello, D. Faber / B. Schuijling, W.J. Katner, M. M. Inceoglu / B. Basoglu, P.W. Schroth, J. M. Wilson, S.P. Bazinas)


NS Vol. 15 2010

NS Vol. 15 2010-3/4 Focus: The Law of Securities Trading in Emerging Markets /Le droit des transactions portant sur les titres et les marchés émergents(Contributors /Collaborateurs: Edosa Kennedy Aigbekaen, Alexander Biryukov, Wouter Bossu, Rita Cunha, Hubert de Vauplane, Michel Deschamps, Luca Enriques, Matteo Gargantini, Valerio Novembre, Francisco J. Garciamartín Alférez, José M. Grrido, Isabelle Lebbe, Charles W. Mooney, Jr., Alain Pietrancosta, Nora Rachman, Luc Thévenoz)

NS Vol. 15 2010-2 Focus: Secured Transactions /Opérations garanties(Articles by Y. Baranes, S.V. Bazinas, N.B. Cohen, M. Deschamps, J.A. Estrella Faria, A.M. Garro, R.M. Kohn, R. A. Macdonald, L. Manderieux, R. Patch, J.-F. Riffard, J.-H. Röver, H.C. Sigman, E. Franco / M. Del Pilar Bonilla / M. R. Umarji / S. Weise, J. M. Wilson)


NS Vol. 14 2009

NS Vol. 14 2009-4 Focus on: The Rotterdam Rules /Les Règles de Rotterdam(Articles by M. Alba, F. Berlingieri, D. Esteban Chami, P. Delebecque, C. Fresnedo de Aguirre, C.D. Hooper, R. Illescas Ortiz, K. Lannan S. Yuzhou / H.H. Ku, M.F. Sturley, G. van der Ziel, A. von Ziegler, S. Zunarelli)


NS Vol. 13 2008

The 2008-1/2 issue of the Uniform Law Review is devoted to the Colloquium held at Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso), 15-17 November 2007 on "The Harmonisation of Contract Law Within OHADA". Reports and communications presented at the Colloquium as well as the summaries of the debates are accessible via the links to the webpage Uniform Law Review 2008/1-2 - Table of Contents 


NS Vol. 12 2007

NS Vol. 12 2007-3 Special focus: Secured Rail Financing. Luxembourg Protocol to the Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment on Matters specific to Railway Rolling Stock, Luxembourg, 23 february 2007. (Articles by H. Rosen, F. Owono Essono, R. Castillo-Triana, J. M. Wilson, T. Josipovic, B. Poulain, S.L. Harris, G. Kafka, H.-G. Bollweg/K. Schnell, B.B. von Bodungen, K. Schott)


NS Vol. 11 2006

NS Vol. 11 2006-1 Special focus: The International Registration System for Aircraft Objects

The 2006-3 issue of the Uniform Law Review contains the papers presented at the Symposium held at Deauville (France), 18-19 May 2006: "50thAnniversary of the CMR Convention - Future and Perspectives of International Road Transport".
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NS Vol. 10 2005

NS Vol. 10 2005-1&2 Special Issue:Enhancing Legal Certainty over Investment Securities Held with an Intermediary - The preliminary draft UNIDROIT Convention, related international initiatives and national perspectives
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NS Vol. 9 2004

The 2004-4 issue of the Uniform Law Review contains the ALI / UNIDROIT Principles of Transnational Civil Procedureas well as a number of articles thereon.


NS Vol. 8 2003

The 2003-1/2 issue of the Uniform Law Review contains the papers presented at the Congress to Celebrate the 75thAnniversary of UNIDROIT, Rome 27-28 September 2002: “Worldwide Harmonisation of Private Law and Regional Economic Integration”.


NS Vol. 7 2002

The 2002-2 issue of the Uniform Law Review contains the OFFICIAL COMMENTARY on the Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment and the Protocol thereto on Matters Specific to Aircraft Equipment, by Professor Sir Roy Goode CBE, QC (as approved for distribution by the UNIDROIT Governing Council pursuant to Resolution No. 5 adopted by the Cape Town Diplomatic Conference)


NS Vol. 6 2001

The 2001-4 issue of the Uniform Law Review is dedicated to the theme "Harmonising Trasnational Civil Procedure: The ALI / UNIDROIT Principles and Rules"


NS Vol. 5 2000

The 2000-1 issue of the Uniform Law Review contains the papers presented at the Symposium "International Uniform Law Conventions, Lex Mercatoria and UNIDROIT Principles" held at VeronaUniversity (Italy), Faculty of Law, on 4-5 November 1999.


NS Vol. 4 1999

The 1999-2 issue of the Uniform Law Review is entirely dedicated to an analysis of the macro-economic and legal implications of UNIDROIT's project for the creation of a new international regimen governing the taking of security in high-value mobile equipment.


NS Vol. 3 1998

The 1998-2/3 issue of the Uniform Law Review contains a collection of "Essays in memory of Malcolm Evans", Secretary-General of UNIDROIT from 1975 to 1997.


NS Vol. 2 1997


NS Vol. 1 1996

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