UNIDROIT 1992 - Study LXXI – Doc. 2 

Internal relations between principals and agents in the international sale of goods. Comparative presentation of the provisions of the Council Directive of the European Communities on the Coordination of the Laws of the Member States relating to Self-employed Commercial Agents (86/653 EEC), the Preliminary Draft of a UNIDROIT Convention on Contracts of Agency in the International Sale of Goods (COCCAISG) drawn up by Professor Dietrich Maskow and the Final Draft of the Model Form of Agency Contract for International Trade (self-employed commercial agents) of the International Chamber of Commerce, incorporating the comments on COCCAISG of Governments and Correspondents of the Institute, prepared by Mr Ray Shahani, Golden Gate University, San Francisco (UNIDROIT intern) 


UNIDROIT 1989 - Etude LXXI – Doc. 1 

Les relations internes entre représentante et intermédiaire en matière de vente internationale de marchandises. Avant-projet d’une Convention d’UNIDROIT sur les contrats d’agence commerciale en matière de vente internationale de marchandises préparé par M. Dietrich Maskow (Professeur de droit du commerce international, Institut de droit étranger et de droit comparé à l’Académie des Sciences politiques et juridiques, Potsdam-Babelsberg) 



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