Creating a favourable legal environment for Contract Farming –

The UNIDROIT/FAO/IFAD Legal Guide on Contract Farming

UNIDROIT – Villa Aldobrandini - Via Panisperna 28 – Rome

Wednesday, 27 April 2016



An International Conference hosted by UNIDROIT in collaboration with FAO and IFAD under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Italy.


Contract farming, broadly understood as agricultural production and marketing carried out under a previous agreement between producers and their buyers, supports the production of a wide range of agricultural commodities and its use is growing in many countries. Mindful of the importance of enhancing knowledge and awareness of the legal regime applicable to contract farming operations, UNIDROIT, FAO and IFAD have prepared the UNIDROIT/FAO/IFAD Legal Guide on Contract Farming, a soft law guidance document, which was released in July 2015.


The Conference aims to provide information on contract farming and explain the approach and practical usefulness of the Legal Guide. It will likewise provide information on current plans regarding the implementation of the Legal Guide.


The Conference is primarily directed to diplomatic representations in Italy who deal with UNIDROIT (under the legal perspective), and with FAO and IFAD (under an agricultural development approach), and are ideally placed to convey the corresponding information to stakeholders in their respective countries. International organisations, non-governmental organisations, and bilateral cooperation agencies involved in contract farming, are also invited to attend and actively participate in the discussions. Simultaneous translation will be provided in English/French.


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