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The Human-Centered Business Model project is moving towards another milestone: the discussion and finalisation of research papers on social and environmentally sustainable and ethical principles (the “Guiding Principles”) of a “Human-Centered Enterprise” (HCE) and its legal framework and corporate governance.


For this purpose, on 12 and 13 November 2018 the OECD Development Centre and UNIDROIT, in collaboration with the University of Florence, are holding a public event to illustrate the state of development of the project and two workshops to discuss the research conducted on Social and Environmental Guiding Principles and Performance Indicators and the research on the Legal Framework and Corporate Governance.


Partners, practitioners from the public and private sector and researchers are invited to join and share their views and actively contribute to the discussion.


The event will be hosted by UNIDROIT in Via Panisperna 28, 00184 Rome (Italy)


The morning session of 12 November will be accessible also via web at


Panelists include Prof. Ignacio Tirado, Secretary-General, Unidroit, Mario Pezzini, Director OECD Development Centre, Sergio Pagano, Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Prof. Andrea Zorzi, University of Florence, Margherita Bianchini, ASSONIME, Prof. Juli Ponce Sole, and Prof. Marta Ortega Gomez, University of Barcelona, Prof. Isabella Bunn, Oxford University, Prof. Thomas McInerney, Loyola University, Prof. Francesco Vella, Bologna University, and Prof. Paolo Montalenti, Turin University.


-> Click here for the Agenda


-> Click here for the Concept Note


-> Click here for the paper on Social Guiding Principles and Performance Indicators


-> Click here for the paper on Environmental Guiding Principles and Performance Indicators


-> Click here for the paper on Legal Framework and Corporate Governance


-> Click here for panelists bios





-> Ms. Margherita Bianchini

-> Prof. Martin Petrin

-> Prof. Juli Ponce - Dr. Marta Ortega

-> Prof. Andrea Zorzi

-> Guiding Principles and Corporate Geovernance




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