Documents issued in connection with the 65th session of the Finance Committee of UNIDROIT
(Rome, 24 February 2009)



Report (F.C. (65) 4)




*          *



1. Agenda (F.C. (65) 1 rev.)



2. Consideration of the Secretariat’s first estimates for the draft budget for 2010 (F.C. (65) 2)


Information on the extra-budgetary contributions received in the years 2008/2009 and on their allocation to the activities and projects of the Institute (F.C. (65) 2 Appendix 3)



3. Financial situation of inactive member States (F.C. (65) 3)


Report of the Meeting of the Sub-Committee of the Finance Committee on Inactive Member States (F.C. (65) 3 Add. 1)



4. Any other business



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