Documents issued in connection with the 61th session of the General Assembly of UNIDROIT

(Rome, 29 November 2007)


Report (A.G. (61) 8)


*           *


1. Opening of the session by the President of the Institute and the President of the General Assembly 2006-2007



2. Appointment of the President of the General Assembly 2007-2008



3. Revised agenda



4. Statement regarding the Organisation’s activity in 2007 and the implementation of the Strategic Plan (A.G. (61) 2)



5. Presentation of the state of affairs regarding one of the projects in progress



6. Revision of the Regulations:


(a) constitution of an ad hoc Committee


(b) fast track procedure for the revision of Article 31 (A.G. (61) 3) and A.G. (61) 3 Add.)



7. Final adjustments to the budget and approval of the accounts for the 2006 financial year



8. Adjustments to the budget for the 2007 financial year (A.G. (61) 5)



9. Arrears in contributions of member States



10. Approval of the draft budget for 2008 and fixing of the contributions of members States for that financial year



9. Any other business


Information paper on extra-budgetary contributions received in the years 2006/2007 and on their allocation to the activities and projects of the Institute (A.G. (61) INF. 1)


Information paper on the allocation of the expenditure to the projects and activities of the Institute in 2006/20072007 (A.G. (61) INF. 2)  

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