Documents in connection with the
97th session of the Governing Council of UNIDROIT

(Rome, 2-4 May 2018)




-> Provisional Order of Business (C.D. (97) Misc. 1)





1. Adoption of the annotated draft agenda (C.D. (97) 1)




2. Appointment of the First and Second Vice-Presidents of the Governing Council (C.D. (97) 1)




3. Reports


(a) Annual Report 2017 (C.D. (97) 2)
(b) Report of the UNIDROIT Foundation




4. Report of the President on the conduct of the selection process of the Secretary-General
    and appointment of the new Secretary-General (C.D. (97) 3) (RESTRICTED)




5. International Interests in Mobile Equipment


(a) Implementation and status of the Luxembourg Rail Protocol and of the Space Protocol
      (C.D. (97) 4)
(b) Preliminary draft Protocol to the Cape Town Convention on Matters Specific to Mining,
      Agricultural and Construction Equipment (C.D. (97) 5)




6. Transactions on Transnational and Connected Capital Markets: the UNIDROIT Legislative
    Guide on Intermediated Securities (C.D. (97) 6)




7. Private Law and Agricultural Development


(a) Follow-up activities and promotion of the UNIDROIT/FAO/IFAD Legal Guide on
      Contract Farming (C.D. (97) 7(a))
(b) Preparation of an international guidance document on agricultural land investment 
      contracts (C.D. (97) 7(b))




8. Transnational civil procedure


- (a) Formulation of ELI-UNIDROIT regional rules (C.D. (97) 8(a))
- (b) Principles on Effective Enforcement (C.D.(97) 8(b))




9. International Commercial Contracts: Formulation of Principles of Reinsurance Contracts
    (C.D. (97) 9)




10. International Sales Law: Preparation of a guidance document on existing texts in the area
      of international sales law in cooperation with UNCITRAL and the Hague Conference on
      Private International Law (C.D. (97) 10).




11. International protection of cultural property (C.D. (97) 11)


(a) Follow-up activities and promotion of the 1995 UNIDROIT Convention on Stolen or
     Illegally Exported Cultural Objects and the Model Provisions on State Ownership of
     Undiscovered Cultural Objects
(b) Private art collections




12. Promotion of UNIDROIT instruments (C.D. (97) 12)




13. Library and research activities (C.D. (97) 13)


[Related document: UNIDROIT 2017 – Study LXV / Scholarships: Impl. 28]




14. UNIDROIT information resources and policy (C.D. (97) 14)


(a) Uniform Law Review/ Revue de droit uniforme and other publications
(b) The UNIDROIT Web Site and Depository Libraries for UNIDROIT documentation




15. Administrative matters


(a) Preparation of the draft budget for the 2019 financial year (C.D. (97) 15(a))
(b) Report of the Secretary-General a.i. on the implementation of the new compensation
      and social security scheme applicable to the UNIDROIT staff (C.D. (97) 15(b))




16. Date and venue of the 98th session of the Governing Council (C.D. (97) 1)




17. Any other business


(a) Private Law and Development - Cooperation with the Global Forum on Law Justice and
     Development (GFLJD) and possible future work in relation with the “Human-Centered
     Business Model” Project (C.D. (97) 16)
(b) Proposal submitted by the Czech Republic on artificial intelligence (C.D. (97) 17)









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