Agricultural Land Investment Contracts
4th  Working Group Meeting
(Rome, 9-11 October 2018)


Second Conference on International Coordination of Secured Transactions Reforms
(Madrid, 16-17 October 2018)


Spain and the Luxembourg Rail Protocol to the Cape Town Convention Current Status Stakeholder Briefing
(Madrid, 17 October 2018)


Committee on World Food Security 45th Plenary Session: Side Event on Improving Agricultural Land Investment Contracts and the Contracting Process
(Rome, 18 October 2018)


Contract farming: Economic, Social and Legal Implications
(São Paulo, Brazil, 18 October 2018)


The Agricultural Contract: Experiences and Developments in Latino-American and Uniform Law
(Santiago de Chile, 25 October 2018)


ELI – UNIDROIT - ERA Conference “From Transnational Principles to European Rules of Civil Procedure”
(Trier, 26-27 November 2018)


General Assembly
77th session
(Rome, 6 December 2018)


Rail Preparatory Commission
8th session
(Rome, 6-7 December 2018)