On 29 September 2016, among the friends and colleagues gathered for the presentation to Professor Bonell of the publication of  “Eppur si muove: The Age of Uniform Law. Essays in honour of Michael Joachim Bonell to celebrate his 70th birthday”, Professor Marcel Fontaine (Emeritus of Louvain La Neuve University) delivered a keynote lecture entitled “The international  rayonnement of the UNIDROIT Principles”, introduced by Professor Alberto Mazzoni (President of UNIDROIT). The Celebration continued with a Vin d’honneur, in which the Secretary-General José Angelo Estrella Faria delivered two special toasts: one to Professor Bonell, and another to honour an esteemed colleague of the Institute, former Librarian and Deputy Secretary-General Walter Rodinò, to which as of then, the Library’s great hall was entitled.



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From left to right: Professor Marcel Fontaine delivering his keynote speech and Professor Alberto Mazzoni (President of UNIDROIT)   Professor Alberto Mazzoni (President of UNIDROIT) presenting Professor Michael Joachim Bonell with the Publication   Plaque dedicated to Walter Rodinò, former Librarian and Deputy Secretary-General of UNIDROIT

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