On 7–8 November 2016, UNIDROIT Secretary-General José Angelo Estrella Faria participated in a Workshop organised by the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC), of which he was also a joint academic coordinator with Professor Lauro Gama Jr. of PUC and Rio de Janeiro based law firm Binenbojm, Gama & Carvalho Britto Advogados. The objective of the Workshop was to discuss issues related to the applicability of the Unidroit Principles, as well as the relevant contents thereof for Brazilian civil law. On the first day, the Secretary-General participated in two Panels dedicated to Long Term Contracts and the Unidroit Principles, whereas on the second he participated in a Seminar dedicated to usage and customary application, as well as relevant trade usages of the UNIDROIT Principles in Long Term Contracts.

pict03    pict02
From left to right: Dr Maurício de Almeida Prado, Professor Lauro Gama, and Secretary-General Mr José Angelo Estrella Faria   Shot of the seated audience

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