On 14 March 2017, the Secretary-General, Mr. José Angelo Estrella Faria delivered an opening lecture on “The Application of Non-State Laws to International Commercial Arbitration”, in a Conference organised by the University of Talca, Chile, within the context of  “Proyecto Anillo MASC CHILE SOC 1406se” entitled “Contracting and International Commercial Arbitration”, hosted by the Chamber of Commerce of Santiago. The conference featured distinguished speakers such as: Dr. Riccardo Cardilli (Professor,  University of Rome Tor Vergata. Italy);  Dr. José Carlos Fernández Rozas (Professor, University Complutense de Madrid, Spain); Dr. Jorge Oviedo Albán ( Professor, University of la Sabana, Colombia);  Dr. María Fernanda Vásquez Palma (Professor, University de Talca, Chile); Dr. Rodrigo Momberg Uribe (Professor, University Católica de Valparaíso, Chile);  Dr. Álvaro Vidal Olivares (Professor, University Católica de Valparaíso, Chile);  Ignacio García Pujol (Partner,  Porzio Ríos García and UNIDROIT Correspondent for Chile); Macarena Letelier Velasco (Executive Director of Arbitration and Mediation Centre, Chamber of Commerce of Santiago); Diego Peralta Valenzuela (Partner, Carey y Cía.); Felipe Bulnes Serrano (Partner, Bulnes, Urrutia y Bustamante and Ex Minister of Justice).


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pict01   pict02
Secretary-General, Mr José Angelo Estrella Faria,
delivering his lecture.
  From left to right: Professor José Carlos Fernández
Rozas, the Secretary-General, and Professor Jorge
Oviedo Albán.

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