Steering Committee Members, Co-Reporters and members of the Working Groups of the ELI-UNIDROIT joint project convened on 5-7 April 2017 in Rome to discuss issues pertaining to the finalisation of the drafts of the first three Working Groups and progress drafts and reports of the other Working Groups. On the first day, the Working Group on “Structure” discussed, together with the Steering Committee and representatives of Co-Reporters of the Working Groups, the consolidated text of three final drafts on ‘Service and due notice of proceedings’, ‘Access to information and evidence’ and ‘Provisional and protective measures’, as well as general points regarding project coordination.


The official part of the Joint Steering Committee Meeting with Members of the Project took place on the next two days, under the chairmanship of  the Secretary General of the UNIDROIT, José Angelo Estrella Faria, and the ELI President, Diana Wallis. All Members of the Steering Committee were present as well as Co-reporters and numerous Members of all of the Project’s Working Groups (currently eight WGs: ‘Access to information and evidence’; ‘Provisional and protective measures’; ‘Service and due notice of proceedings’; ‘Obligations of parties, lawyers and judges’; ‘Res judicata and lis pendens’; ‘Judgments’; ‘Parties’; ‘Costs’; and ‘Structure’).


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pict01   pict02
Steering Committee (from left to right): Professor Remo
Caponi (University of Florence), Professor Anna
Veneziano (Deputy Secretary-General, UNIDROIT),
Mr José Angelo Estrella Faria (Secretary-General,
UNIDROIT), Ms Diana Wallis (President, ELI), Professor
Rolf Stürner (University of Frieburg), Mr John Sorabji
(Principal Legal Adviser to the Lord Chief Justice and
Master of the Rolls, Judicial Office for England and Wales).
  Shot of Meeting Room with Working Group Members.

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