On 20 July 2017 in Balaclava, Republic of Mauritius, Ministers responsible for culture in Djibouti, Ethiopia, Mauritius, Somalia and South Sudan issued a Joint Statement on Strengthening Synergies for the Protection of Cultural Heritage in Eastern Africa and the adjacent Indian Ocean Island States. The Statement is built on 10 recommendations from a Regional Conference and Ministerial Roundtable on the protection of Cultural Heritage, organised by the UNESCO Regional Office for Eastern Africa, on 18-19 July 2017.


Experts from UNIDROIT, the International Committee of the Red Cross, INTERPOL, the International Council of Museums, the International Council on Monuments and Sites, the African World Heritage Fund, the Centre for Heritage Development in Africa were among the UNESCO partner organizations participating in the conference and sharing their expertise and resources.


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Shot of the participants at the Opening Ceremony of the Regional Conference in Mauritius


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