On 7 September 2017, the ELI-UNIDROIT project on Transnational Rules of Civil Procedure project was presented at the 2017 ELI Annual Conference in Vienna. ELI President Diana Wallis UNIDROIT and Secretary-General ad interim of UNIDROIT Anna Veneziano co-chaired a panel of the transversal Working Group of the Project, concerned with Structure. The panel presented the first consolidated draft of the Rules resulting from the work of the first three Working Groups (Provisional and Protective Measures, Access to Information and Evidence, and Service of Documents), which had already been presented to the UNIDROIT Governing Council in May 2016 Xandra Kramer (University of the Netherlands),   John Sorabji (Judicial Office for England and Wales), Rolf Stürner (Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg), and Matthias Storme (Institute for Commercial and Insolvency Law, Leuven) presented the progress of the Project. Their presentations were followed by an interesting debate with the active participation of the ELI membership.


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From left to right: Xandra Kramer, John Sorabji,
Diana Wallis, Anna Veneziano, Rolf Sturner, and Matthias Storme.


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