UNIDROIT President Professor Alberto Mazzoni gave the inaugural lecture at ceremonial opening of the Queen Mary-UNIDROIT Institute of Transnational Commercial Law, which took place at the Honourable Society of Gray's Inn in London on 14 September 2017. About 100 people attended his lecture, entitled “International Commercial Law Today: Old Habits and New Challenges”, and focussed on the tensions between international commercial law and State regulation , the importance of limiting the harmonisation of commercial law to instruments which accommodate the pragmatic approaches of the business community and the future development of non-State rules.


pict01    pict02 
Professor Mazzoni (President of UNIDROIT)
delivering his speech.
  Shot of Inaugural Panel (from left to right): Professor
Spyros Maniatis (Head of the Centre for Commercial
Law Studies (CCLS)), Mr Patrick Trostle (Partner,
Jenner&Block), Professor Sir Roy Goode
(Prof. Emeritus University of Oxford).


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