on 18 July 2013



Form No. 1 (Specific declaration under Article 39(1)(a))


The Republic of Mozambique declares that the following categories of controversial rights and interests take precedence, under its internal law, on an interest in an object equivalent to that of owner of an international registered interest and shall take precedence under international registered interest, regardless of it occurring within the context of an insolvency process:


(a) Credits due to staff resulting from unpaid salaries on work performed on airplanes from the time they stopped being paid under the contract for financing or leasing such object;


(b) Credits due to Staff that repaired an object in their possession, in the proportion of the rendered service on it.



Form No. 6 (Declaration under Article 40)


The Republic of Mozambique declares that the categories of controversial rights or interests:


(a) Rights of a person that has obtained a judicial decision which allows for an annexation of an airplane object for total or partial satisfaction of a judicial ruling;


(b) Credits or other rights of a government entity related with taxes or other not paid duties


must be registered under the Convention with regard any of object, as if the right was an international right, and being governed accordingly.



Form No. 13 (Mandatory declaration under Article 54(2))


The Republic of Mozambique declares that any clearing measure available to the creditor, under the terms of the Convention, in relation to which a judicial petition is not required, can be enforced without resorting to court or without a need of any judicial authorization.




*          *


Declarations lodged by the Republic of Mozambique under the Aircraft Protocol