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UNIDROIT is delighted to announce the celebration of the 90th anniversary of its foundation. Established in 1926 as an auxiliary organ of the League of Nations, and re-established in 1940 on the basis of a multilateral agreement, UNIDROIT has made significant contributions to the modernisation and harmonisation of private law together with the numerous partner organisations and entities with which it has collaborated and maintains close ties of cooperation and friendship. To celebrate this momentous occasion, UNIDROIT has held a series of celebratory events devoted to the role and place of private law in supporting the implementation of the international community’s broader cooperation and development objectives.


These events (all upon invitation only) include:


- Practicing International Law at the United Nations
  (Villa Aldobrandini, Rome, 15 April 2016)
  · Programme
  · Report and photos


- The League of Nations and UNIDROIT
  (Villa Aldobrandini, Rome, 19 April 2016)
  · Programme
  · Report and photos

- General Assembly: 90th Anniversary Special Session
  (Palazzo Altieri, Rome, 20 April 2016)
  · Programme
  · Speakers biographies
  · Report and photos
  · Opening Ceremony - Session I - Session II - Session III - Session IV - Conclusions


- Conference on “Creating a favourable Legal Environment for Contract Farming"
  (Villa Aldobrandini, Rome, 27 April 2016)
  · Programme
  · Report and photos


- International Contract Law Conference in Cooperation with the CISG Advisory
  Council on the occasion of the 95th session of the UNIDROIT Governing Council
  (Rome, 20 May 2016)
  · Programme
  · Report and photos


- Eppur si muove: The age of Uniform Law
  Essays in honour of Michael Joachim Bonell, to celebrate his 70th birthday
  (Rome, 29 September 2016)



Model Law on Warehouse Receipts Working Group
3rd Session
(1-3 September 2021, Rome/hybrid format)


UNIDROIT Governing Council,
100th session (B)
(22-27 September 2021)


10th Cape Town Convention Academic Conference
(29-30 September 2021, Cambridge, UK)




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