On 19 April 2016, the eve of the special session of its General Assembly, UNIDROIT hosted the second  Event of the celebration series: a lecture co-sponsored with Roma Tre University entitled  “Reflections on the League of Nations on the 90th Anniversary of UNIDROIT”, which addressed the Legacy of the League of Nations and explore its relationships with UNIDROIT.


The event was an occasion to celebrate the publication of the volume “Commentaire du Pacte de la Société des Nations” (Bruxelles, Bruylant, 2015, pp. 1428) edited by Robert Kolb (Full professor of international law, University of Geneva). The proceedings were opened by Alberto Mazzoni (President of Unidroit)  and chaired by Prof. Giulio Bartolini (Roma Tre University), and included speeches by  Prof. Luciano Tosi, (University of Perugia), Prof. Ivan Ingravallo (University of Bari), and closed by José Angelo Estrella Faria (Secretary-General of UNIDROIT).

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pict01   pict02
From the left: Mr José Angelo Estrella Faria
(Secretary General of UNIDROIT),
Professors Ivan Ingaravallo (University of Bari),
Giulio Bartolini (Roma Tre University),
Alberto Mazzoni (President of UNIDROIT),
Robert Kolb (University of Geneva)
and Luciano Tosi (University of Perugia)
  Professor Robert Kolb
(University of Geneva)
delivering his lecture


Legal Structure of Agricultural Enterprises Project
(Postponed - new dates to be confirmed, Rome-remote)


UNIDROIT COVID-19 Essay Competition Winners Webinar
(8 March 2021)


Model Law on Warehouse Receipts Working Group
2nd session

(10-12 March 2021, Rome-remote)


Digital Assets and Private Law Working Group
2nd Session

(16-18 March 2021, Rome-remote)


Finance Committee
91st Session
(25 March 2021, Remote) 


Rail Preparatory Commission
9th  session
(Berne/remote, 8 April 2021)


Best Practices for Effective Enforcement Working Group
2nd session
(20-22 April 2021, Rome-remote)


Factoring Model Law Working Group
3rd Session

(26-28 May 2021, Rome-remote)


Official Commentary MAC Protocol
(May, 2021)


MAC Preparatory Commission
3rd Session

(3-4 June 2021, Rome-remote)


10th Cape Town Convention Academic Conference
(13-14 September 2021, Cambridge, UK)



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