101st session (Rome, 8-10 June 2022)



1.            Adoption of the annotated draft agenda (C.D. (101) 1 rev. 4)


2.            Appointment of first and second Vice Presidents of the Governing Council (C.D. (101) 1 rev. 4)


3.            Reports

(a)       Annual Report 2021 (C.D. (101) 2)

(b)       Report on the UNIDROIT Foundation (C.D. (101) 3)


4.            Proposals for the New Work Programme for the triennial period 2023-2025 (C.D. (101) 4 rev.)


5.            Ongoing legislative activities

(a)       Model Law on Factoring (C.D. (101) 5)

(b)       Best Practices for Effective Enforcement (C.D. (101) 6)

(c)       Digital Assets and Private Law (C.D. (101) 7)

(d)       Model Law on Warehouse Receipts (C.D. (101) 8)

(e)       Bank Insolvency (C.D. (101) 9)

(f)        Legal Structure of Agricultural Enterprises (C.D. (101) 10)

(g)       Principles of Reinsurance Contracts (C.D. (101) 11)

(h)       Private Art Collections (C.D. (101) 12)


6.            International Interests in Mobile Equipment:

(a)       Implementation and status of Cape Town Convention and the Aircraft Protocol

(b)       Implementation and status of the Luxembourg Rail Protocol and of the Space Protocol (C.D. (101) 13)

(c)       Implementation and status of the Protocol on Matters specific to Mining, Agricultural and Construction Equipment (MAC Protocol) (C.D. (101) 14)

(d)      Appointment of a Supervisory Authority for the MAC Protocol registry (C.D. (101) 15)


7.             International Protection of Cultural Property: implementation and status of the 1995 Convention (C.D. (101) 16)


8.            UNIDROIT Correspondents (C.D. (101) 17 rev. 2)


9.            UNIDROIT Academy (C.D. (101) 18)

(a)      UNIDROIT Academic Projects

(b)       Academic Institutes

(c)      UNIDROIT International Summer School

(d)      UNIDROIT Chair Programmes

(e)       UNIDROIT Library and research activities

(f)        Cooperation with academic institutions

(g)      UNIDROIT Publications


10.          Communications strategy and social media outreach (C.D. (101) 19)


11.         Administrative matters: Preparation of the draft Budget for the 2023 financial year  (C.D. (101) 20)


12.         Date and venue of the 102nd session of the Governing Council (C.D. (101) 1 rev. 4)


13.         Any other business


14.        Launch of the 5th Edition Official Commentary on the Cape Town Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment and Protocol thereto on Matters Specific to Aircraft