According to the UNIDROIT Statute the Institute shall have an Administrative Tribunal.

In accordance with Article 7bis of the UNIDROIT Statute, the Administrative Tribunal has jurisdiction over disputes between the Institute and its officers, employees, or their beneficiaries, particularly concerning the interpretation or application of the Staff Regulations. If contractual disputes arise between the Institute and third parties, they will be submitted to the Tribunal, subject to explicit recognition of its jurisdiction in the contract.

The Tribunal comprises three full members and one substitute selected from outside the Institute, preferably from different nationalities. Members are elected for five-year terms by the General Assembly.

The Tribunal’s decisions, which are final and not subject to appeal, are reached by applying the provisions of the Statute, Regulations, and general principles of law. Additionally, it may decide ex aequo et bono if authorised by an agreement between the parties.

In cases of minor disputes between the Institute and its officers or employees, the President of the Tribunal has the authority to decide the matter personally or delegate it to a single judge of the Tribunal.

The Regulations of the Administrative Tribunal (in French) are available here



Composition of the Administrative Tribunal (2020 – 2025)

The General Assembly, at its 78th session (Rome, 12 December 2019), reappointed the following members: