UNIDROIT Work Programme for the triennial period 2023 – 2025

As adopted by the UNIDROIT General Assembly at its 81st session (15 December 2022)


A. Legislative activities


1. Secured Transactions

(a) Implementation of the Rail and Space Protocols to the Cape Town Convention ***

(b) Implementation of the Protocol to the Cape Town Convention on Matters Specific to Mining, Agricultural and Construction Equipment ***

(c) Preparation of further Protocols to the Cape Town Convention:

(i) Ships and maritime transport equipment *

(ii) Renewable energy equipment *

(d) Development of a Model Law on Factoring ***

(e) Development of a Model Law on Warehouse Receipts ***

(f) Development of a Guide to Enactment of the UNIDROIT Model Law on Leasing *


2. International Commercial Contracts

(a) Formulation of principles of reinsurance contracts *

(b) UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts and Investment Contracts ***


3. Private Law and Agricultural Development

(a) Preparation of an international guidance document on Legal Structure for Agricultural Enterprises ***

(b) Development of an Agricultural Financing Legal Guide ***


4. Law and Technology

(a) Digital Assets and Private Law ***

(b) Legal nature of Voluntary Carbon Credits ***

(c) Global Value Chains: Governance issues and digital challenges *

(d) Digital transformation, data governance and artificial intelligence: exploratory work


5. Capital Markets and Financial Law

Bank Insolvency ***


6. Transnational Civil Procedure

(a) Formulation of Best Practices for Effective Enforcement ***

(b) International Civil Procedure in Latin America *

(c) Access to Justice in Environmental Matters: exploratory work


7. Cultural Property

Private art collections **


8. Sustainable Development

    Development of a guidance document on Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence in Global Value Chains **


9. Private Law and Intellectual Property

(a) Private Law and Contemporary Health Research: Intellectual Property issues in the field of Personalised Medicine: exploratory work

(b) Standard-Essential Patents: exploratory work


B. Implementation and promotion of UNIDROIT instruments ***


1. Depositary functions

2. Promotion of UNIDROIT Instruments


C.  Non-legislative activities ***


1. UNIDROIT Library and Depository Libraries

2. Information resources and Policy

3. Internships and scholarships


The level of priority assigned to the projects is as follows : high *** – medium ** – low *.