Digital Assets and Private Law – Public Consultation


The International Institute for the Unification of Private Law (UNIDROIT) is presently conducting a public consultation regarding a set of Draft Principles and Commentary on Digital Assets and Private Law. These Principles have been prepared by the Working Group on Digital Assets and Private Law over the course of 7 sessions between 2020-2022. All additional information about the Working Group and its meetings can be found here:

The Draft UNIDROIT Principles on Digital Assets and Private Law can be found here

The purpose of the consultation is:

  • Raise awareness about the instrument.
  • Ensure that the instrument is well suited to application in different contexts, including both civil law and common law jurisdictions as well as developing economies, emerging markets, and developed economies.
  • Seek feedback from parties engaged in the digital asset industry, on whether the instrument sufficiently addresses the private law issues that arise in transactions related to digital assets, and to entities providing services related to digital assets.

All comments should be provided in English, using this online form. The form is divided into different sections consistent with the text of the Principles. All comments should be inserted into the relevant section of the form. Respondents may submit comments only to some sections, although completeness would be appreciated. The Principles are divided into 7 sections, with an Introduction at the beginning:

  • Section I: Scope and Definitions
  • Section II: Private International Law
  • Section III: Control
  • Section IV: Custody
  • Section V: Secured Transactions
  • Section VI: Procedural Law Including Enforcement
  • Section VII: Insolvency
The deadline to submit comments is 20 February 2023. The Working Group will consider all the comments received at its next session between 8-10 March 2023.


For any additional information, please contact Hamza Hameed (