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UNIDROIT Work Programme for the triennial period 2014 – 2016

(adopted by the UNIDROIT General Assembly at its 72nd session – 5 December 2013)


A.     Legislative activities


1.   International Commercial Contracts


(a)     Issues relating to long-term contracts 

(b)     Issues relating to multilateral contracts


2.   Secured transactions


(a)     Implementation of Rail and Space Protocols

(b)     Preparation of other Protocols to the Cape Town Convention


(1)    Agricultural, mining and construction equipment 

(2)    Ships and maritime transport equipment 

(3)    Off-shore power generation and similar equipment


3.   Transactions on Transnational and Connected Capital Markets


Legislative Guide on Principles and Rules capable of enhancing trading in securities in emerging markets


4.   Liability for Satellite-based Services


5.   Private law and development


(a)    Contract Farming 

(b)    Possible work in private law and agricultural development


6.   Legal aspects of social business


7.   Transnational civil procedure - formulation of regional rules



B.     Implementation and promotion of UNIDROIT instruments


1.     Depositary functions

2.     Promotion of UNIDROIT instruments



C.     Non-legislative activities


1.     UNIDROIT Library and Depository Libraries 

2.     Information resources and policy 

3.     Internships and scholarships



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