ELI-UNIDROIT Model Rules of European Civil Procedure discussed at dissemination conference in Vienna

On 5 and 6 February 2024, the ELI-UNIDROIT Model Rules of European Civil Procedure, adopted by the two organisations in 2020, were presented and discussed during a dissemination conference jointly sponsored by ELI and UNIDROIT and organised by ELI at the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna. The conference, opened by Manuela Baccarini, Vice Rector of the University of Vienna; Pascal Pichonnaz, ELI President; and Ignacio Tirado, UNIDROIT Secretary-General, aimed at reigniting discussion on the importance and impact that the Model Rules have had and continue to have since their publication, and it saw the participation of many experts who had been involved in the development of the instrument, commentators with academic and judicial expertise, and several other interested participants that animated the debate.

The first panel, co-chaired by Diana Wallis and Anna Veneziano, provided an overview of the Rules by Rolf Stuerner and insight on developments in US procedural law, as well as the convergence and divergence with the Model Rules, by the American Law Institute Director Judge Diane Wood. The following panels considered the approach of the Model Rules to Case Management and Cooperation and Access to Information and Evidence (Remco van Rhee, Alan Uzelac, Fernando Gascon Inchausti, Anna Nylund) and to Collective Procedures, Costs, Res Judicata (Stefaan Voet, Eva Storskrubb, Burkhard Hess, Georg Kodek), as well as the impact of the Model Rules on Current and Prospective Reforms of Procedural Laws (Remo Caponi, Masood Ahmed, Norel Rosner). Finally, the conference reflected on the challenges and opportunities provided by digitalisation and new technology in civil procedure and enforcement (Xandra Kramer, John Sorabji, Teresa Rodriguez de las Heras Ballell, Anna Skrjabina), and considered the role of the translations of the Model Rules (Emmanuel Jeuland, Marco de Benito, Elisabetta Silvestri).

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