Documents issued in connection with the 64th session – Special meeting of the General Assembly of UNIDROIT
(Rome, 18 June 2009)


1. Annotated agenda (A.G. (64) 1)

2. Report on the 88th session of the Governing Council (Rome, 20-23 April 2009) (C.D. (88) 17) and outlook for 2009

3. Recommendations by the Governing Council on the Triennial Work Programme of the Organisation (2009-2011)

(a) Proposal for a Convention on the netting of financial instruments

(b) Study for an international legislative project on (contractual) counterparty classification

(c) Principles and rules capable of enhancing trading in securities in emerging markets

(d) Possible future work on civil liability for satellite-based services

(e) Proposal for a model law on the protection of cultural property

(f) Possible future work in the area of private law and development

4. Consultations on rotation pattern for the presidency of the General Assembly

5. Date and venue of the 65th session of the General Assembly

6. Any other business

Observations relating to the draft agenda of the Special Meeting of the General Assembly (A.G. (64) 2)