The Cape Town Convention Academic Project held its seventh annual conference in Oxford from 12-13 September 2018 at the Blavatnik School of Government. The Conference, sponsored by  University of Washington School of Law and the University of Oxford Faculty of Law, covered and discussed a number of crucial issues relating to the interpretation and implementation of  all three existing protocols of the Cape Town Convention, as well as the developments of the draft MAC Protocol. In particular, a comparative legal analysis of the MAC Protocol and the other Protocols was provided by Legal Officer William Brydie-Watson, together with Aviareto Managing Director Rob Cowan, and Deputy Secretary-General Professor Anna Veneziano delivered a paper on the Contours of ‘Commercial reasonableness’ under the Cape Town Convention, which was commented on by Professor Edwin Peel (University of Oxford).


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cape town convention oxford pict01 cape town convention oxford pict02 cape town convention oxford pict03
From left to right : William
Brydie-Watson (UNIDROIT),
Professor Louise Gullifer
(University of Oxford), Rob
Cowan (Aviareto)
From left to right : Professor Anna
Veneziano (UNIDROIT), Professor Louise
Gullifer (University of Oxford), Professor
Edwin Peel (University of Oxford)
Shot of meeting room
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