On 3 March 2017, France, already a signatory of the Cape Town Convention and the Aircraft Protocol, signed the Luxembourg Rail Protocol, which was adopted in February 2007 at a Diplomatic Conference held in Luxembourg. The Luxembourg Rail Protocol will enter into force when the conditions set out in Article XXIII(1) of the Rail Protocol have been satisfied.


At the signing ceremony that took place at the seat of Unidroit in Rome, France was represented by Madame Catherine Colonna, Ambassador of France to Italy. The Deputy Secretary General of Unidroit, Professor Anna Veneziano, underlined that the signature of the Protocol by France is an indication of the commitment of the French government to the development of railway infrastructure in carrying out an environmentally sustainable transport policy. Catherine Colonna expressed words of praise before the signature, specifying that it would contribute to the convergence of rights related to international interests in matters specific to rolling stock, to the benefit of both investors and potential clients.


Further details about the Luxembourg Protocol and the Cape Town Convention are available at:

– “Depositary Functions of UNIDROIT – Luxembourg Rail Protocol”
“Depositary Functions of UNIDROIT – Cape Town Convention”


pict01 pict02
Madame Catherine Colonna –
Ambassador of France to Italy
signing the Luxembourg Rail Protocol
Ms Anna Veneziano, Deputy Secretary-General
of UNIDROIT and Madame Catherine Colonna,
Ambassador of France to Italy
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