Documents issued in connection with the 60th session of the General Assembly of UNIDROIT
(Rome, 29 November 2007)


Report (A.G. (60) 7)


*          *

1. Welcome by the President of UNIDROIT

2. Statement by the President of General Assembly for the year 2005-2006

3. Appointment of the President of the General Assembly for the year 2006-2007

4. Statement by the President of General Assembly

5. Agenda (A.G. (60) 1 rev.)

6. Statement regarding the Institute’s activity in 2006 and Implementation of the Strategic Plan (A.G. (60) 2)


(a) Presentation of the draft Protocol on Rail Financing to the Cape Town Convention and the Preparation of the Diplomatic Conference for its Adoption (Luxembourg, 12-23 February 2007)

(b) Presentation of the draft Model Law on Leasing and the Envisaged Procedure for its Adoption

8. Presentation of the work of the Uniform Law Foundation and the United Kingdom and United States of America Foundations for International Uniform Law

9. Final adjustments to the budget and approval of the accounts for 2005

10. Adjustments to the budget for 2006 (A.G. (60) 4)

11. Arrears in contributions of member States (A.G. (60) 5)

12. Approval of the draft budget for 2007 and fixing of the contributions of member States for that financial year (A.G. (60) 6)

13. Any other business