UNIDROIT and the World Bank Group further strengthen cooperation during consultations in Washington DC

On 18 and 19 January 2024, the World Bank Group (WBG) welcomed a high-level delegation from UNIDROIT to its Headquarters in Washington DC. The purpose of the mission was to strengthen UNIDROIT – WBG cooperation on projects of mutual interest, with a particular focus on the areas of access to credit, sustainable finance, climate change, dispute resolution, enforcement and bank insolvency.

The consultation began with a webinar for WBG global staff, which included a welcome address from Harish Natarajan (Practice Manager, Financial Inclusion and Infrastructure, Finance, Competitiveness & Innovation, World Bank Group), and presentations from UNIDROIT Secretary-General Ignacio Tirado, UNIDROIT Deputy Secretary-General Anna Veneziano, UNIDROIT Senior Legal Officer William Brydie-Watson, Marek Dubovec (Director of Law Reform, International Law Institute) and Louise Gullifer (Rouse Ball Professor of English Law, University of Cambridge). The workshop was followed by an afternoon of technical discussions on specific projects and strategic planning for further cooperation.

The work of UNIDROIT and the WBG is mutually beneficial, and the two organisations actively cooperate on a number of projects across several fields. UNIDROIT’s international best practice instruments in the fields of international private law and commercial law directly support WBG products and services across a range of sectors. Simultaneously, the WBG facilitates the promotion and implementation of UNIDROIT instruments across the world.

The agenda for the webinar is available here

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