UNIDROIT celebrates the International Museum Day 2023

The theme for the 2023 International Museum Day edition, celebrated on 18 May, is Sustainability and Well-being. Indeed, at the global level, culture has been recognised as an enabler of growth and sustainable development. In 2021, the Rome Declaration of G20 Ministers firmly positioned culture as an engine for propelling sustainable socio-economic recovery. This declaration, and others such as the UNESCO World Conference on Cultural Policies and Sustainable Development – MONDIACULT 2022, have anchored culture at the heart of public policy and international cooperation by recognising its intrinsic value for sustainable development. The instruments and tools developed under the aegis of UNIDROIT and its partners contribute to this process.

Museums have an extremely important role to play and UNIDROIT will continue to support its longstanding partner ICOM and all museums in their activities and actions.

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