At its 94th session, on Wednesday 6 May 2015, the UNIDROIT Governing Council considered and approved the UNIDROIT/FAO/IFAD Legal Guide on Contract Farming.

The Council unanimously praised the high quality of the work, and commended the Working Group for the outcome of its deliberations. It thanked, in particular, the drafters for their hard work and dedication, and all those who had participated in the consultations during the preparation process of the Guide. It also expressed its greatest satisfaction at the successful collaboration with IFAD and FAO which had been instrumental in achieving this final product. The Guide will be published in paper form as soon as possible and will be accessible on line on the websites of the three sponsor organisations.

The Council endorsed the Secretariat’s proposal that UNIDROIT continue to pay attention to the private law aspects of agriculture. It agreed in particular that Recommendations should be drafted as an accompanying document to the Legal Guide on Contract Farming and submitted to the Working Group for approval. It also agreed that the Secretariat should collaborate with FAO and IFAD’s initiatives for the implementation and dissemination of the Guide, within UNIDROIT’s mandate and subject to available resources.

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