By letter of 27 December 2020, Secretary-General Ignacio Tirado confirmed UNIDROIT’s entry into the Partnership of International Organisations for Effective International Rulemaking (hereafter ‘IO Partnership’) established by the OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development).

The work of the IO Partnership aims to feed into the OECD Regulatory Policy Committee’s (RPC) work on International Regulatory Co-operation (IRC) by offering platforms for continuous multilateral dialogue, exchange of experience and the development of common approaches. By working towards more effective international rules and standards, the work of the IO Partnership aims to build greater confidence of domestic regulators and legislators in these rules and standards and support greater use of good quality international instruments in national legislation to address the policy challenges of today. The objectives of the IO Partnership to seek to improve rulemaking processes at international organisations through better systems of transparency, inclusiveness, implementation, monitoring, promotion and coordination align well with UNIDROIT‘s working methods and its mandate focusing on the development of international private law instruments designed to promote international trade, improve access to finance, and foster more sustainable economic growth in all parts of the world.


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