The UNIDROIT Secretary-General, Professor Ignacio Tirado, participated in the World Bank’s LJD Week (Washington, 5-9 November 2018) to pursue further collaboration with the World Bank Group and the Global Forum on LJD and to raise awareness about UNIDROIT’s work, including by leading two sessions. First, in a session entitled “UNIDROIT Secretary-General’s Vision on Law and Development” on 7 November, he debated how UNIDROIT could support economic empowerment and achievement of the SDGs, together with Ms Nathalie Rey (Senior Counsel, Export-Import Bank of the United States of America) who discussed the future MAC Protocol and with Ms Yuliya Panfil (Investment Manager, Property Rights Initiative, Omidyar Network) who discussed the future Legal Guide on Agricultural Land Investment Contracts. Second, in a session entitled “Community of Practice on Private Law and Agricultural Development” on 8 November, he considered, together with Professor Thomas McInerney (Rule of Law for Development Institute, Loyola University Chicago School of Law), how the Global Forum’s Community of Practice could promote UNIDROIT’s work in this area, contribute to a fairer and more secure legal environment and respond to economic and social challenges in agriculture.


-> UNIDROIT’s work and instruments in the area of agriculture

-> LJD Week 2018

-> Global Forum on LJD


unidroit world bank law pict01  unidroit world bank law pict02
From left to right: Ms Nathalie Rey, Secretary-
General Ignacio Tirado and Ms Yuliya Panfil
Secretary-General Ignacio Tirado
and Professor Thomas McInerney


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