img01On 18 September 2019, on the occasion of the launch of the posthumous publication of “Diritto del Commercio Internazionale: Fondamenti e Prospettive”  (Mazzoni, A., Malaguti, M.C., Giappichelli Editore, 2019, Turin; Working English Title “International Commercial Law: Foundation and Prospects”, forthcoming), UNIDROIT hosted a round table in memory of President  Professor Alberto Mazzoni, who passed away on 6 May.

The event, co-organised with the Cattolica Univeristy of Milan, was an opportunity to share and celebrate the late President Mazzoni’s life through his final effort to provide scholars with a text book on the tenets of international commercial law, from the origins of Lex Mercatoria, to the present day.  The proceedings were opened by the Secretary-General of UNIDROIT Professor Ignacio Tirado, who will also be the author of the preface of the English version, followed by Professor Duccio Regoli (La Cattolica University), who also spoke in the name of Professor Mazzoni’s students. Professors Angel Rojo (University of Madrid) and Christoph Paulus (Emeritus  Humboldt University of Berlin), respectively preface authors of the Spanish and German versions, each then took the floor to share their interpretation and respects for Professor Mazzoni’s last publication and body of work as a whole. Professor Maria Chiara Malaguti (Cattolica University, Rome), co-author of the publication, concluded the discussions.


img02The event, followed by a Vin D’Honneur, was attended by Professor Mazzoni’s family and about 70 participants, including former colleagues, students, and the Staff of the Institute.








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