Cape Town Convention International Moot Court Programme Created

The Cape Town Convention Academic Project (CTCAP) has created the Cape Town Convention (CTC) international moot court programme (CTC moot court).

The purpose of the CTC moot court is to familiarise students and judges with the CTC in the context of complex hypothetical fact patterns and to provide students with educational exercises involving these instruments in a simulated judicial setting.

The hypothetical and related materials will be modified on a jurisdictional basis, depending on the venue of the CTC moot court. The major change will be that such a venue will be the assumed country where the aircraft is registered under the Chicago Convention of 1944.

The program will work around the world with local universities. The CTC moot court will be heard by sitting judges from their respective jurisdictions. Alternatively, the fact pattern may be used as the basis of discussion and debate among judges and/or students.


The CTCAP, which facilitates the study of CTC, operates under the joint auspices of UNIDROIT and the University of Cambridge Faculty of Law. The Aviation Working Group is the founding sponsor of CTCAP. Learn more about CTCAP here

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