On 10 January 2022, the Cape Town Convention and its Protocols were presented as part of a Legal Information and Management Series event organised by the Legal Department of the Asian Infrastructure Development Bank (AIIB).

This event featured a presentation by UNIDROIT entitled: ‘The Cape Town Convention and its Protocols – Using international secured transactions law to increase certainty in high-value asset-based financing’ delivered by Professor Ignacio Tirado (Secretary-General), Professor Anna Veneziano (Deputy Secretary-General), William Brydie-Watson (Senior Legal Officer), and Hamza Hameed (Legal Consultant). The presentation was followed by an open discussion.

From AIIB, the participants included Alberto Ninio (General Counsel), Christopher Smith (Chief Counsel, NSBF & Finance), Julius Thaler (Chief Counsel, Sovereign-backed Financing), Veronique Allarousse (Senior Legal Consultant), and others. Learn more about the Cape Town Convention at:

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