Fernand Collin Prize for Law

In 2023, Ms Lena Peters, Principal Legal Officer and Managing Editor of the Uniform Law Review, will serve on the Jury for the Fernand Collin Prize for English-language research works organized by The University Foundation. The Fernand Collin Prize for Law aims at stimulating junior researchers at Belgian institutions in the area of law. The award was established in honour of Fernand Collin(1897-1990), who was chairman of Kredietbank from 1938 to 1973 and professor at the Catholic University of Leuven. Since more and more scientific works in the universities in Flanders are written in English, it was decided to organise, in addition to the Fernand Collin Prize for Dutch-language works (in even years), a Prize for English-language works (in odd years). for doctoral works or other research works carried out in universities in Flanders. The Prize for Anglophone works is organised for the first time in 2023.

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